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Information Treasure Hunt
1. Safety in Numbers - partner up!
2. Work through as many steps as you can in the time provided
  • start any where
  • skip around
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4. Don't forget to post your response to lucky #13, no matter how many treasures you uncover!

Find the author and the poem that contains the following words: sticky children in grocery lines
Enter those words in Google's search box. How can you instruct Google to search for those words in the order you specified?
You are investigating exports and imports between the United States and Spain. In preparation for class discussion, you've been given a fact-finding mission for homework.
In addition to the GDP (gross domestic product), your social studies teacher wants you to compare the natural resources and land area of the two countries. What might be the most efficient way to search for this information? Is it possible create a single query that will help you answer these questions?
In a blended science/social studies class, you are discussing the developments in physics in the 20th century, along with their historical context.
How would you find a timeline of the branch of science called physics by the American Physical Society, at
You are adding resources to your class Diigo account. Your teacher has asked you to find a list of Internet country codes and domain extensions.
Post a URL or link for each resource:
Internet Country Codes
Domain Extensions
Find the name of the party who publishes the following website:
How did you find this information?
What can you tell about this site by doing this?
If the link weren't on the front page, how else might you find it?
In response to the query define:deipnosophist, Google gives you definitions of deipnosophist.
Find a sculpture definition of caryatid.
The internet is archived, in it's entirety, at regular intervals.The Way Back Machine at allows you to access articles and websites that are no longer active, or no longer have active links.
Find the article posted with this link:
What did you use to access the article?
What does the original URL tell you?
Using Google, to write a multiplication problem you use a * to represent what you write as x. Therefore, 3x5=15 would be written as 3*5=15 in Google.
Which is larger 1 * 2 * 3 * 4 * 5 * 6 * 7 * 8 * 9 * 10 (also written as 10! and spoken as "10 factorial") or 9*9*9*9*9*9*9, which can be more succinctly represented as 9^7 or 9**7?
You are doing research on the ancient Egyptian pyramids, and have been asked to include the perspective of an expert.
Locate the contact information for an expert on the architectural history of these pyramids. How would you search for an expert who is located in Egypt?
Find information released this week about the Solomi refugees in Kenya.
Pull only information from governmental sites.
Pull only information from governmental sites in the uk.
What can people find out about you on the Internet? Search for your own name and see what you find.
Search for your home address in Google.
Search for your phone number in Google.
Search for your school email in Google.
Use the following resource to write your own question.
Choose one that uses a different technique than those in the questions above. Then, pick a question no one else has answered and answer it.
(tricks 1-24, or 81-89)
Please share the "Top 3" search strategies you & your partner feel all learners should know.
Please post your response in the "Top 3" discussion space of this wiki




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